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Chai Sutta Bar- The Best Cafe in Chennai

Do you want to invest in the best cafe in Chennai? If yes, then read this blog fully to understand the city of Chennai and it’s cafe culture.

Chennai is a city which is known for its rich culture, temples and Idli-Sambar. However, it is more than all the things mentioned.

It is a city which thrives in its food culture and business ideas. It is also very popular for its localised version of Coffee or Kaapi.

From traditional South Indian filter coffee to international coffee creations, Chennai’s café culture promises to awaken your senses and leave you longing for more.

But do you know in 2021, one tea brand opened its cafe and changed the cafe culture of this city. It was Chai Sutta Bar who established its own distinct presence amidst a city of coffee culture.

Best Cafe in Chennai

Tea Culture in Chennai

The tea Kadai is a universal part of Tamil culture, serving as a meeting place on busy street corners, a refreshing pitstop on highways, or a respite in the marketplace. 

Though Chennai is often associated with filter kaapi, government statistics show that tea has far surpassed coffee as the preferred beverage by locals.

According to the NSSO, 498 out of every 1000 people in urban Tamil Nadu drink tea at tea cafes.

Chennai’s tea cafes may not be on the ‘chai-pe-charcha’ list, but they are the backbone of the city’s smooth operation and a focal point for millions of workers.

These factors have made Chai Sutta Bar warmly welcome in the city of Chennai. Now, it has become one of the best cafes in Chennai. 

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The onset of Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar was founded by two energetic young men – Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak. Later, another friend, Rahul Patidar joined the duo and started the joint venture. 

With an investment of just Rs. 3 Lakh, they started this tea chain in Indore. Slowly it became the best tea cafe franchise in India. 

Chai Sutta Bar serves a variety of chai and food options, following the custom of Kulhad Chai, where everyone can soak up the atmosphere and taste.

A popular hangout for young people, Chai Sutta Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to unwind. Chai Sutta Bar serves 4.5 lakh Kulhad tea daily.

Chai Sutta Bar in Chennai

In October 2021 the tea chain opened its first outlet in the Southern city of Chennai. Their first outlet was opened in Gopalapuram. 

The city welcomed the presence and vibrancy of the tea cafe. Within a few months, the cafe became the best cafe in Chennai due to its uniqueness and novelty. 

Reasons why Chai Sutta Bar is the best cafe in Chennai

1. Kulhad tea

There are many cafes in Chennai that sell good filter coffee or even western coffee. However, finding a good tea cafe is a little difficult there. 

Also, at places where tea is found, they are served in steel glasses or cups. Kulhad chai is something new and unique in Chennai. 

This has attracted the youth who know the trend of kulhad chai from the Instagram stories of their northern Indian friends. 

Kulhad tea adds a special clay aroma that enhances the flavor of the tea. Even those who are environmentally conscious, get a good alternative to the best cafe in Chennai. 

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2. Flavour

There are very few brands that serve tea with more than 9 flavors that too at an affordable range. Chai Sutta Bar offers seven different flavours of tea for seven days apart from normal ginger, masala or milk tea. 

They offer rose tea, chocolate tea, elaichi tea, paan tea, Kesar tea, lemon tea, and Tulsi tea in their flavoured tea options. 

The flavoured tea also comes with great taste and quality. The best cafe in Chennai also maintained the hygienic level of the products they serve.

3. Ambience

The ambience of Chai Sutta Bar is very classy and chic. Chai Sutta Bar is known for its ambience of serving tea in a bar-like atmosphere. There are many tall tables where you can see how your tea is being prepared just like any bar. 

The atmosphere is very cosy with music playing in the background. The cafe is spacious and you can sit for hours with friends and family. Though, the cafe is often crowded because of its popularity. Its ambience and friendly staff make it one of the best tea cafes in Chennai. 

4. Vegetarianism

Though Chennai is not a particular vegetarian state, many people prefer the vegetarian food over non-vegetarian items. In Chennai, there are many good non-vegetarian cafes but vegetarian – very few!

Chai Sutta Bar offers many vegetarian items that go very well with both tea and coffee served there. The tea franchise is gaining popularity for its maska bun, cheese-loaded fries, burgers and maggie. 

5. New flavours of Coffee

Chennai loves coffee or filter coffee. And Chai Sutta Bar is not just a tea cafe franchise. It became the best cafe in Chennai because of its variety of options available. 

The best cafe in Chennai offers both hot and cold coffee. Alongside they also offer something that is nowhere found in the city. 

It offers non-alcoholic alcoholic coffee! Confused? Let us explain. In Chai Sutta Bar you can get rum coffee, whiskey coffee, beer coffee, scotch coffee, gin coffee and much more non-alcoholic flavoured coffee. 

These coffees do not contain 0.1% of alcohol but they are flavoured in such a way that you can get the flavour but not the alcohol. 

In Chennai, these coffees are very much in vogue and people love them.

6. Affordability

Chai Sutta Bar is known for its affordability. Anyone can drink a kulhad tea or coffee from their outlets. 

In fact, all the food items are ranged in such a way that it does not cut the pocket of their customers. They provide their food items in an affordable range without compromising the quality of products. 

This has helped their cafe to attract customers on a regular basis. The ambience, quality and variety also make customers loyal to the brand.

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To sum up, Chai Sutta Bar has become a game-changing cafe in Chennai. It has redefined the whole meaning of ‘Cafe Culture’ in the city. Till 2021, Cafes mostly meant luxurious coffee shops. They were out of reach of all those who could not afford to spend hundreds or thousands for few cup of tea or coffee.

Chai Sutta Bar also introduced the taste of tea in Chennai. If you also want to invest in a cafe franchise which is profitable, you can contact Chai Sutta Bara and open your own outlet in this vibrant city.