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How to Apply for
Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

Many who are interested to start a tea business want to know about the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar. India’s Chai Sutta Bar, which was founded in 2016, is a tea business that is expanding quickly. 

The goal of Chai Sutta Bar is to combine the health advantages of Kulhad with India’s most popular beverage, “Chai.” It originates from Madhya Pradesh’s business metropolis and is renowned for both its distinctiveness and top-notch service. 

For someone searching for a little investment, a CSB franchise shop might serve as a secondary source of income. Anyone with a modest investment can start their franchise shop because CSB franchises are simple to run. The franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar is not much expensive as well. 

In all of its chai franchise business, the Chai Sutta Bar menu offers the same delicious chai in a setting that elevates the taste to a sumptuous experience.

Let’s first understand why the chai business is so popular in India.

Why chai business is so popular in India?

In India, tea is regarded as the perfect beverage to accompany a variety of events. You will undoubtedly see chaiwallahs (tea vendors) warming up a hot Masala Chai for their customers if you take a stroll down any neighborhood Indian road. 

  • The most popular and adored beverage in India is tea, where 837,000 tonnes of tea is used annually. 
  • In recent years, the tea cafe industry has attracted investors’ attention, as more urban consumers with higher disposable means have begun to purchase branded cups of hot beverages. 
  • Nearly 88% of all Indian families reported drinking tea, according to a survey done by the Tea Board of India. 
  • Overall, around 64% of the total population in India drinks tea. 

Therefore tea businesses provide good franchise opportunities in India. This is the major reason why so many of us are interested to know about the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar.
Franchise Cost

What makes Chai-Sutta Bar Franchise appealing?

  1. Minimal Capex, Greater Returns.
  2. Complete brand operational and marketing assistance.
  3. A thorough supply chain eco-system that supports vendors, sales, tech, logistics, and personnel.
  4. Brand Reliability.
  5. Greater Profitability (Low Overheads, Growth Reassurance, Higher ROI, Affordable Infrastructure, Different investment models for a better geographical reach.)

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Franchise partners of Chai Sutta Bar are enjoying massive margins and impeccable growth every year. It’s super easy to start a journey with the brand and the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar is very reasonable. 

After the shutdown, opening a Chai Sutta Bar franchise is the greatest option. Everyone like tea, thus there are more opportunities for the company to be profitable. 

Models for Chai Sutta Bar Franchises:

In the FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) model, the Company merely licenses the Brand Name to the Franchise operator for a specific non-refundable amount, commonly known as the “Franchise Fee,” for a predetermined period.

The COCO (Company-Owned Company Operated)  establishment, which is entirely owned and run by the Company, might be considered another outlet of the Company. The company handles everything, from opening the store to running it. It has nothing to do with a franchise location. 

Things you need before applying for Chai Sutta Bar Franchise:

Area: The first requirement for every franchise or business is a place to set up a shop. This area/space needs to meet the specifications set out by the business.

Skill: You don’t need a degree to buy a Chai Sutta Bar franchise, but you should be familiar with the fundamentals of making tea and managing a company. You should be able to interact positively with clients and follow any rules established by the business.

Training: You shouldn’t be concerned that the business will forget you after awarding you a franchise. They will always be there to support you and your company.

Staff: In the outlet, you cannot work by yourself. You need a worker to assist you as you run the company. You are required by the corporation to staff your outlet with 2-4 people who will assist consumers and greet them politely.

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If you wish to open a Chai Sutta Bar franchise, We should make it clear that the estimated investment varies depending on the area. The franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar Café is 6 to 8 lakh rupees for any Indian location, with a 16-18 lakh rupee investment needed. The royalty fee for the Chai Sutta Bar franchise is 4%. 

Income from investment:

The ROI for the Chai franchise is on the high side, averaging 108%. Franchise Tea Shops can be found throughout the nation. Chai Sutta Bar is a wonderful option if you want to launch a business without worrying about the consumer base.

People who enjoy beverages may be found all across the country thanks to the existence of many chai cafes like Chai Sutta Bar. Thus, the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar is quite worth it due to the return it gives. 

How to apply for a Chai Sutta Bar franchise?

You must take the steps listed below to apply for a Chai Sutta Bar franchise:

  1. Visit the Chai Sutta Bar’s official website if you are interested in a franchise.
  2. You will find a franchise form once you arrive on this page.
  3. From there, you can complete the Chai Sutta Bar franchise application.
  4. Complete the form with all the necessary information as requested.
  5. You will receive a thank-you message after providing all the information. If you are shortlisted, the Franchise team will contact you, and they will tell you in this message. 

Thus, you have successfully applied for a Chai Sutta Bar franchise, and this is the last step. 

Chai Sutta Bar franchise application procedure:

You must first give the management photographs and information about your retail location.

They will properly survey your location and consult with you on whether the location will be profitable or not.

They will choose whether they will approve or not following a meeting with the area manager.

You and the corporation will agree if they give their approval.

The area manager will now assist you in setting up your business and creating the contract.

The Interior of the cafe can be designed by the CSB team or can be designed by your own willingness.

You’ll receive training from them, and a salesman will work with you. And it takes 45 to 60 days on average for the Outlet to open.

Therefore, you can open your Chai Sutta Bar Franchise within 45 to 60 days. 

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Contact Details:

Corporate Office:

1st Floor, Red Square, PU3 Commercial, opp. C21 Mall, Scheme No 54, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Email: &

Phone: +91-6262300031

In franchising, especially when choosing the best cafe franchise to own in 2022, experienced leadership is invaluable. Executives with innovative ideas and backgrounds in growing businesses are aware of the need of keeping your potential franchisee at the forefront.

The management team at the Chai Sutta Bar franchise is made up of some of the most intelligent individuals in operations, education, and technology. Additionally, a staff that is solely focused on creating lucrative business plans and engaging leads that will distinguish your tea franchise from the competitors.