Chai Sutta Bar®

Why Chai Sutta Bar is different from other
Franchise Tea Shops?

Tea has become an essential part of daily life for every Indian. One franchise tea shop from India made this everyday commodity an International brand. 

It was formally introduced to Indians by the British. 

The British wanted to break China’s beverage monopoly after discovering that India’s soil was ideal for growing these plants. The Assam valley and the mountains of Darjeeling were chosen as the first sites for relocating these Chinese seedlings. Tea is a traditional medicinal brew made with herbs and spices that was developed for use in Ayurveda. 

Chai Sutta Bar is a successful start-up from Indore known for its vibe and positivity right from its inception. Founded in 2016, Chai Sutta Bar is a successful Indian franchise tea shop that is expanding quickly. The fastest growing franchise in India aspires to make chai more than merely a popular beverage in India. 

The brand is based in Madhya Pradesh’s commercial hub, Indore. Due to its distinctiveness and superior taste, the brand has grown its customers.

 It is now providing service to at least 4.5 lakh Kulhads per day at 550+ outlets across India in 320+ cities as well as 4 stores in Oman, Nepal, and Dubai. 

By offering premium beverages in Kulhad at competitive pricing, the goal is to establish it as a global brand that captures the goodness of Indian culture as it is served at the bar. The cafe franchise in India opted to keep quality high while prices low to keep wallets tight and hearts light with the aroma of Chai. 

Many things make Chai Sutta Bar unique from other Franchise tea shops.

Tea Franchise Shop

The USP of Chai Sutta Bar

1. Connecting Mission: The successful startup from Indore has a different vision from all other franchise tea shops. The biggest cafe franchise in India wanted to make everyone taste the soil of India through their kulhad chai. 

They wanted to make an Indian cafe franchise an international brand. Its mission is different from other chai brands which makes it unique.

2. Integrating Vision: The vision of India’s fastest-growing franchise is to bring Indian cultural values from the roots and blend them with a world-class ambience. The biggest Franchise tea shop also wants to provide people with aromatic experiences as well as happy memories.

3. East Meets West Ambience: Chai Sutta Bar serves chai and other beverages in traditional kulhads but in a bar-like atmosphere. The concept of the Business franchise in India is to serve tea and coffee in the traditional manner but on a bar table. 

Thus, twisting the original tea concept while preserving the social and cultural style that has prevailed in India for centuries.

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4. Pocket-Friendly: Unlike other chai cafes that have high pricing for chai and other beverages, Chai Sutta Bar serves it quite affordably. 

The plan was to serve both the student community and the general public. With this in mind, they priced the products as low and as affordable as possible.

5. Eco-Friendly: Chai Sutta Bar’s management recognizes its responsibility to Mother Nature and strives to fulfill it every day with every eco-friendly kulhad of happiness. 

The Kulhad is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is the ideal substitute for paper cups which are made of styrofoam.

6. Orphan Employment: Most brands talk about inclusivity but Chai Sutta Bar has proved it from day one. The fastest growing franchise in India gives opportunity to the less fortunate but talented youth of the nation in front of the world. They also employ specially-abled persons in their chai cafe. Over 1000 people below the poverty line have been offered jobs at the brand, including people with disabilities and orphans

7. Regular Income To Potters: Chai Sutta Bar is known for its kulhad chai and uses around 3 lakhs of kulhad a day. In this way, they serve the potter community by providing them with regular income. 

Earlier the potter communities were looking forward to Diwali, the major festival of diyas in India, for an annual income. Now, with the support of Chai Sutta Bar, they are getting a secure income. 

8. Menu with Flavors: Chai Sutta Bar is a famous franchise tea shop with many flavors of chai. It has a wide variety of chai flavors for people to choose from. 

Chai Sutta Bar is a popular spot for students and professionals alike. They have an extensive menu with many different flavors like ginger, elaichi, rose, chocolate, and others. The most famous is their chocolate tea. 

9. No-smoking Zone: Though the franchise tea shop has the word sutta in its name, everyone who has visited the cafe knows that it is a no-smoking zone. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises. 

The founders of Chai Sutta Bar wanted the youth to enjoy ‘Kulhad Chai breaks’ rather than ‘sutta breaks’.

10. Franchise Model: Chai Sutta Bar is one of the fastest growing franchise tea shops in India which is also expanding outside. The brand aspires to be a franchise model like that of popular international food joints. 

It has expanded its Chai Franchise Business models to almost all the major cities of India. Now, it is expanding to tier-II cities where cafe culture is arising. 

The biggest unique feature of Chai Sutta Bar is its love for its customers. They serve their customers with their best. Be it their products, service, or through their approach. They are available in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru and also in small cities like Purnia, Buxar, Satna, Betul, and others. This is possible because of their franchise model, popularity, and service. This is what makes them different from the rest of their competitors or fellow franchise tea shops.