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Manoj More - The Unsung Hero
of Chai Sutta Bar

Manoj More Chai Sutta Bar

Everyone knows the heroes behind Chai Sutta Bar – Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak. But, there is one unsung hero of our family – Manoj More. 

Hailing from a small village called Sanaut, he came to Indore with his parents while searching for a good livelihood. Manoj’s mother and father worked very hard to provide two square meals to their five children. 

Manoj’s family could afford only their youngest two children’s education. Manoj and his sister were the chosen ones. They were admitted to a government school where they got their initial education. 

However, the situation deteriorated soon when Manoj’s father got a paralysis attack and passed away soon. The entire family’s burden and debt fell on Manoj’s mother. 

Seeing their mother working so hard to earn bread and butter, Manoj and his brother thought to help their mother in managing expenses. Manoj started cleaning cars in the morning along with carrying out his education. 

A few years later, he got a job in a dental clinic. 

Team Chai Sutta Bar

Meeting with Anand Nayak:

While working in the dental clinic, he met Anand Nayak whose clothing shop was in the neighborhood. Soon, more agony knocked on the door of Manoj’s household. His mother got blood cancer. 

She soon passed away before Manoj and his family could understand. They left Indore and went back to their village. It was Manoj’s uncle who gave him the courage to begin again. 

Manoj came back to Indore and once again met Anand. This time Anand offered him a job at his clothing store. Manoj agreed and started working there. 

It was the time when the plan for starting Chai Sutta Bar was idealised by two friends – Anand Nayak and Anubhav Dubey

Journey with Chai Sutta Bar:

It has been two years since Manoj was working for Anand Nayak’s clothing shop. One day, Anubhav and Anand both told him about their plan to open a cafe. Manoj agreed to work with them. He became the first employee of Chai Sutta Bar. 

  However, things were not that easy. Manoj had to learn everything from scratch once again. Being the first employee, he got many responsibilities along with the owners. He learned the process of making tea from expresso machines. 

The word machine makes us feel that things got easy but no running a machine is tough. While learning many times, Manoj burnt his hand. But he has the determination to learn things. 

The one quality that made him win Anubhav and Anand over was his adaptability. He is a quick learner as well as flexible in all situations. 

Manoj had only one dream. To own a house in the city of Indore. His dream got fulfilled. Now he is a manager and a team leader who has trained more than 3000 new recruiters. 

Only focus on the hard work. Because that will make you reach your destiny. You can always overcome your hard time with your hard work” – Manoj More, the unsung hero of Chai Sutta Bar.