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Most Profitable Startup in India: Here's a Quick
Guide on How to Get Started

Are you one of them who wants to invest in the most profitable startups in India? Then you’re not alone. As per reports, India got more than 2000 startups in 2023 and, the numbers are rising rapidly. Even the national and state governments are taking measures to boost the startup culture in India since 2020s. 

In this quick guide, we will discuss about the most profitable startups but before that many other things related to startup ecosystem.

Profitable Startup in India

Some Facts About Startup Culture in India:

  • Startup India has been an initiative of the Government of India since 2015.
  • Over the past six years, startups have dramatically increased in India.
  • After the US and China, India now has the third-largest startup ecosystem globally.
  • The number of unicorn startup companies in India increased to a record 44, with the majority operating in the services industry.

The line between the dreamers and the doers is narrow. If you are interested in how to launch a startup in India, you have taken the leap of faith to become a Doer. 

Then you will be able to build one of the most profitable startups in India

Every great startup starts with a fantastic idea, but it takes a lot of work to put that idea into practice and make it successful. Thus, the question of how to launch a startup in India arises. 

Here are some actions you may take that will aid you in developing and successfully implementing good company ideas.

1. Start with market research

Every entrepreneur has one brilliant idea, but they need execution apart from ideation. 

This requires extensive market research to determine where you stand and whether your idea is truly worth pursuing further. 

You need to know if the market requires your idea or your product. If yes, then how much and if not, then either you have to create that vacuum. Or forget the whole idea and begin with another. 

Indeed, the world never needed Facebook in its true sense. But the brand has created a need amongst people for its service. 

On the other hand, brands like Chai Sutta Bar have understood the existence of a market for their product tea. And they used this knowledge to establish their brand as the fastest growing business in India. 

This is all due to market research done by the respective startup founders. 

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2. Interact with your real audience

The outcome of the process is the greatest for your customers and will make your startup the most profitable startup in India. You’ll learn a few new things by looking at things from the perspective of your customers.  

To learn about the problems customers are having with the current items, consult numerous online forums.

Create an online poll to learn about consumer expectations and desired features for the product. You can create surveys on a few websites like KeySurvey, Typeform, Survey Monkey,, and Google Trends, among others.

Gather feedback from your social network to use the power of social media. Talk to your friends and family about your idea to find out what they want the finished product to be like. 

After understanding and knowing your customer you will be able to build a profitable startup. 

3. Choose an apt name

Naming your startup may seem like an easy thing, but it is not. Here’re some considerations:

  • Choose a name that resonates with your business.
  • Take care of the keywords.
  • Make it easy to say and understand.
  • Understand the psychology behind the name.
  • Prevent long names.

Companies and startups are for the benefit of people. You must exercise caution when selecting names for your business. Your name is your identity. So is your startup. Brands often use quirky names for their business franchises. 

4. Get your company incorporated

For a startup incorporating a business is crucial, since it will affect many aspects of its lifespan. By incorporating, you can choose your company’s future organisational structure and transform it into a legal entity. A company in India will normally be incorporated as one of the following after the process of incorporation: 

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

Unlimited Company

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Sole Proprietorship

Joint Venture Company 

You can register your startup with the Startup India Program once it has been incorporated. 

5. Build your team

The success of your startup depends on having a top-notch team. You must take into account these factors when you assemble your ideal team, which will enable you to achieve the pinnacle of success. 

Self-evaluation: You are the link that binds the members of your team together. Therefore, it is best to conduct a self-evaluation before continuing. Knowing your skills and limitations will enable you to work to your full potential and build the most profitable startups. 

Determine the primary roles: Consider which additional crucial jobs are crucial for your startup in addition to your expertise and that of your co-founders. Your team’s optimum rooster will also rely on the kind of good or service you offer. The roles of a great designer, developer, marketer, and executor are possible.

Create a startup culture: Let’s be clear—startups don’t typically pay well. Startups have a finite quantity of funding, whether they are in India or another nation. They require competent workers, but at a reduced salary. Why do people stick around then? A culture of startups is the solution.

6. Raise capital

90% of new businesses fail within the first five years of operation, and the financial crisis is a major factor in many of these failures. Therefore, securing funding for your firm is crucial, but it’s equally critical to learn how to manage that cash effectively. 

Your startup can be the most profitable startup in India, but from that profit only start reinvesting. 

Once you have the money, start using it wisely and for items that will further your growth. As Chai Sutta bar did, you can also launch your business through the franchising concept.

The Chai chain has offered its cafe as the chai franchise in India from its second outlet only. This assisted them in both fund-raising and cafe marketing.

7. Branding, Website & Launch

Once the initial funds have been secured the actual job of establishing your firm on many levels begins. Establishing a brand for your startup mainly entails giving it a name.

Your brand’s identity protects your distinction from other market competitors. For instance, when you hear the name Chai Sutta Bar, the first thing to click in your mind is chai. 

When considering branding, it’s important to consider both the potential of your product today and in the future. 

Creating your brand’s identity takes time and planning. When you create a brand identity from scratch, it slowly gains recognition in the marketplace.

8. Having your own place

A professional area helps the business thrive since clients view it as a more trustworthy source. One crucial step for your startup is getting your own office. 

Although many entrepreneurs start by working from home to save money, you might later choose coworking spaces. We believe investing in a good place is one step to earn the title of ‘most profitable startup business in India’.

In the nutshell, launching the most profitable startup is not a myth but it’s possible. Your startup can be ready after following our quick guide. These tips can help you to launch your business in easy and productive way.

If you want to invest in one of the most profitavle tea business, then Chai Sutta Bar is one for you. But remember, startup world is not just about going up. Lots of entrepreneurs have stories about things not working out before they found success.

So, keep going – failure is just part of the journey to success!

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