Chai Sutta Bar India 

Product Manager

Location- Indore, India

Job Description

The Product Manager will be responsible for leading the development and execution of product strategies and plans that deliver the company’s products and services to the market. This position will require the ability to develop innovative strategies for product development, positioning, pricing, and marketing. The Product Manager will also be responsible for ensuring that products meet customer needs and expectations, and are launched successfully.


• Develop product strategy and roadmap
• Gather customer requirements and feedback
• Research competitive products and pricing
• Develop product specs and requirements
• Manage product development and launch
• Monitor and analyze product performance
• Develop and implement product marketing plans
• Develop product positioning and messaging
• Manage relationships with vendors and partners
• Analyze customer feedback and market trends
• Develop pricing strategies
• Ensure product meets customer needs
• Ensure product is competitive in the marketplace
• Develop product training materials
• Create product demos and presentations
• Monitor product quality and customer satisfaction
• Support sales and marketing efforts

Skills & Requirements:

• Proven product management experience
• Knowledge of product development and launch process
• Excellent customer service skills
• Work Experience of 5 to 10 Years is required for this position. 

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