Chai Sutta Bar- The Best Cafe in Hyderabad

Chai Sutta Bar- The Best Cafe in Hyderabad Hyderabad is one of the most well-known cities in India. It is well-known for its legacy in addition to its Biryani and tourist attractions. Apart from that it also boasts of having the best cafes in India.  There is a lot of poetry and exquisite sentiment contained […]

10 things to know about QSR franchise of Chai Sutta Bar

Franchise Cafe of Chai Sutta Bar

10 things to know about QSR franchise of Chai Sutta Bar In India, there is no conversation that starts without a single mention of Chai in it. Tea or as we say chai is one of the major popular beverages in India. We, Indians, love tea or rather survive on tea. Tea is for our […]

Chai Sutta Bar – The Best Cafe in Bangalore

Chai franchise

Chai Sutta Bar- The Best Cafe in Bangalore While street-side chai stalls remain India’s favourite adda, our beloved cup of tea did not get the same cafe attention as our favourite coffees. Given the beverage’s enormous popularity in the country, it has taken a long time for tea to progress from the humble chai ka […]

Chai Sutta Bar – Best Cafe in Chennai

Best Cafe in Chennai

Chai Sutta Bar- The Best Cafe in Chennai Chennai, India’s fourth largest city, is densely populated with people from all over the country, lending the city great strength. The locals are very gentle and soft-spoken.  The food culture of Tamil Nadu and Chennai in particular is well renowned. This has led to the best Cafe […]

Which is the Fastest Growing Business in India?

Fastest growing business in india

Which is the Fastest Growing Business in India? India is a country with many of the fastest growing businesses on earth. Over time, the business climate in India has improved and is supported by its strong, well-liked institutions. Every year, a large number of fastest growing businesses in India have been created thanks to the […]

What were the Major Problems Faced During the Expansion of Chai Sutta Bar?

Cafe Franchise

What were the major problems faced during the expansion of Chai Sutta Bar? Every cafe franchise faces problems in its initial days. Some problems persist in their expansion mode or new problems arrive.  But the fact remains – Problems exist! No startup or business owners can claim that they have not faced any challenges in […]

Meet Anubhav Dubey- The Kulhad Man of India

Meet Anubhav Dubey- The Kulhad Man of India History of Kulhad in India In India, Kulhad or clay pots have been an integral part of our lives for decades and so does chai or tea. Kulhads are handmade pots made of clay and the art of making kulhads goes back to the later Indus Valley […]

How to Apply for a Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

Franchise Cost

How to Apply for Chai Sutta Bar Franchise? Many who are interested to start a tea business want to know about the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar. India’s Chai Sutta Bar, which was founded in 2016, is a tea business that is expanding quickly.  The goal of Chai Sutta Bar is to combine the […]

Why Chai Sutta Bar is Different from Other Franchise Tea Shops?

Tea Franchise Shop

Why Chai Sutta Bar is different from other Franchise Tea Shops? Tea has become an essential part of daily life for every Indian. One franchise tea shop from India made this everyday commodity an International brand.  It was formally introduced to Indians by the British.  The British wanted to break China’s beverage monopoly after discovering […]

How to get started with most Profitable Startup in India?

Most Profitable Startup in India: Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Get Started Startups offer investors in India a fantastic opportunity to earn. Strong business people in India have tested their ideas and jumped to create the most profitable startup in India. Some of them have failed, but others have succeeded like nothing else.  […]