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Investing in a Tea Franchise: Common Myths Debunked

Cafes have a universal appeal across ages for a quiet sip of tea. This is the reason why India has so many tea franchises around the corner.

However, even then, many still feel tea franchises are not profitable and beneficial.

Let’s demystify these myths and pave the way for a clearer understanding.

1. Myth: Tea Franchising is Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, tea franchising only sometimes requires deep pockets. Franchise costs aren’t all that different from those of other firms, except for the initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties.

2. Myth: Tea Franchising Can't Be Done Without Experience

Experience is beneficial but not mandatory for tea franchises. Franchises take care of the marketing strategy, services and products, train tea franchising, and support—you don’t have to! To guarantee your business’s success, you start it with a plan and keep it going with ongoing assistance!

Tea franchise

3. Myth: Tea franchises are controlled by the corporate office

While there’s a framework, tea franchises often allow room for local adaptation, fostering a sense of individuality within the broader brand guidelines. Many franchisors welcome new ideas and encourage you to be creative for the benefit of your business and our franchise system!

4. Myth: Franchisors Only Care About Fees, Not the Success of Franchisees

The franchise succeeds when franchisees succeed! There would be no franchise without franchisees. Top tea franchisors prioritise the success of their franchisees, offering support, training, and resources to ensure mutual growth.

5. Myth: Tea Franchise Owners Aren't Business Owners

It’s not true. A franchisee has invested in the franchise model and, in doing so, has made an entrepreneurial decision to take on both the risks and rewards of owning a business. Tea franchise owners actively manage their establishments, making strategic decisions and contributing to the local business landscape.

6. Myth: High Failure Rates in Tea Franchising

There’s a misconception that tea franchises are prone to high failure rates. In truth, with proper research, a solid business plan, and ongoing support from the franchisor, the success rate can be comparable to other small businesses.

7. Myth: Only for Tea Enthusiasts

A common misconception is that owning a tea franchise is exclusively for tea enthusiasts. In truth, successful franchise owners often come from diverse backgrounds, with a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a willingness to learn about the tea industry.

8. Myth: Limited Creativity in Tea Franchising

Some believe that tea franchises stifle creativity due to strict adherence to established brand standards. Franchisees must indeed follow the franchisor’s business model and operate within the framework and guidelines set. However, many franchises encourage new ideas that will enhance the entire business.


Any franchise is a two-way relationship. Tea franchising is more accessible and supportive than these myths suggest. It’s a promising venture for those passionate about tea and wanting to own a successful business.

If you want to join a successful tea franchise model, you can contact Chai Sutta Bar. Our franchise model is not just beneficial for us but also our franchise owners.