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Chai Sutta Bar in Dubai

UAE isn’t what it used to be. To put it mildly, the country’s metamorphosis from a modest port for fishing and trading to a cutting-edge metropolis has been astounding. 

Food has always been an integral part of its culture. Nowadays, cafe culture or food franchise culture is in vogue too. 

A steaming glass of Karak chai in a Styrofoam cup has been the one constant throughout it all, or at least since the early 1960s. 

The Food and beverage market in the UAE is incredibly vibrant, with more affluent consumers. The UAE’s F&B market is the strongest in the Middle East. It is because of the foreign influx of tourists in the nation. 

Originating in South Asia, Karak chai has assimilated into the Middle Eastern and UAE civilizations. In actuality, it derives its name from the Hindi words “chai,” which means “tea,” and “kadak,” which means “strong.” 

Oil in the region was found in the 1960s, and when it was, the Indian diaspora brought it to the UAE. The locals immediately adopt this hot, creamy beverage and made it into their own.

However, compared to the traditional Indian masala (spiced) chai, Karak chai served in cafeterias in the UAE is different. They use fewer whole spices, stronger black tea, evaporated or regular milk, and sugar.

While café culture in the Emirates is still developing, Kadak Chai has persisted across the Gulf and even carved out a unique niche for itself. 

Most people don’t merely associate chai with a hot cup of potent, sweet tea. It’s a feeling just like in India, and one that shouldn’t be dismissed. 

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Chai Sutta Bar in Dubai

Honestly speaking, the owners of Chai Sutta Bar never imagined that they will ever be able to take their cafe outside their city Indore and forget about to a foreign nation. Chai Sutta Bar reached Dubai with many struggles. 

The first major challenge came with the word ‘bar’ as UAE is an Islamic country. Then the word bar is removed and Chai Sutta Bar became Chai Sutta Cafe in Dubai. 

The owners also have to make them understand that the word ‘sutta’ means something else and smoking is not allowed on the premises. 

Three months before the pandemic period, Chai Sutta Bar opened its first franchise near Zaabel Street. The timing was difficult for everyone but with hope and resilience, the chai cafe survived in Dubai. 

It was from India, Dubai got the concept of chai and it is again from India that the concept of kulhad chai got popularised there. The whole idea of chai serving in kulhad is quite new for Dubai and its people. Yet the cafe received the love and fondness of not only the Indian diaspora but also of the local Dubai people. 

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chai franchise in dubai

One of Dubai’s older neighbourhoods, Al Karama is primarily thought of as a residential area but also has several business ventures. The Arabic term Karama, which means “dignity,” served as the basis for the region’s name. 

With Zaa’beel Street serving as the major road of the downtown region and giving rise to several business buildings, Al Karama has a prime location. It is among the locations in the city that are easiest to get to.

Another factor in the area’s fame is the variety of restaurants there. Since the majority of the residents in the neighbourhood are ex-pats from various Asian countries, like Filipinos, and Indians, they love a variety of oriental cuisines that bring them fond memories of their native countries. 

This is precisely what the community has to offer. However, some shops in the region also sell specialities from the Arab world. You will also find authentic foods from Thailand, Sri Lanka, and China.

chai suuta bar in dubai

At Meena Bazar, Chai Sutta Bar opened another outlet. Meena Bazaar is the go-to shopping destination for South Asian clothing and handicrafts at the most competitive pricing. 

This tourist and local hotspot in Bur Dubai is situated between Al Fahidi Street and Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, mostly in a single lane.

According to legend, the market gained its name from the sign of one of its earliest shops, which was situated at the lane’s entrance in 1973. 

Meena Bazaar frequently referred to as “Bur Dubai’s Little India,” transports you back in time with its vibrant stores and vistas of the old Dubai Creek.

Summing Up

Chai Sutta Bar has the vision to take Indian cultural values from the roots and blend them with a world-class ambience to serve more and more people around the world. Currently, Chai Sutta Bar is in its expansion mode. It envisions being present in all the cities and countries across the globe.