Chai Sutta Bar®

Your One-Stop Destination for Food and Beverages

Chai Sutta Bar, a thriving chain of Indian food and beverage cafes, was established in 2016 and has been rapidly expanding. The brand aims to transform chai from being a popular drink in India into something more meaningful. It is currently the most rapidly expanding franchise in India.

Chai Sutta Bar has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for food and beverage lovers in India. The chain of cafes offers a unique combination of food, beverages, and ambiance, making it a one-stop destination for all your culinary needs.

What makes Chai Sutta Bar so special in Food and Beverage Industry?

Authentic Chai Experience

The food and beverage cafe is known for its authentic chai experience. The brand prides itself on serving the best chai in India, with a range of flavors and strengths to suit every palate.

From classic masala chai to ginger, cardamom, and even chocolate chai, Chai Sutta Bar has it all. They give options of around 9 flavors of chai for their consumers. Chai is made using high-quality ingredients, including premium tea leaves, and is brewed to perfection.

Food and beverage

Variety of Snacks

Apart from signature chai, Chai Sutta Bar also offers a wide variety of snacks to go with it. From healthy street food like corn chaat and sprout bhel to more contemporary options like sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers, Chai Sutta Bar has something for everyone. Snacks are made fresh to order and are the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of chai.

Affordable Pricing

One of the things that set Chai Sutta Bar apart from other cafes is its affordable pricing. Despite offering high-quality food and beverages, the brand keeps its prices low, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. This has helped Chai Sutta Bar build a loyal customer base. And establish itself as a go-to food and beverage destination for students and young professionals.

Trendy Ambiance

Chai Sutta Bar cafes are known for their trendy ambiance. The brand has a distinct visual identity, with bright colors, quirky signage, and comfortable seating. 

The cafe franchise is designed to be welcoming and inclusive, making them the perfect place to catch up with friends or celebrate small events like birthdays. The brand regularly plays quirky music to keep things fresh and exciting.

Great Ambience

Convenient Locations

Chai Sutta Bar has multiple outlets across India, making it a convenient destination for food and beverage lovers. The brand has strategically opened its cafes in areas with high footfall, such as shopping malls, universities, and commercial complexes. This makes it easy for customers to drop in for a quick snack or drink on the go

Delivery and Takeaway Options

In addition to its cafes, Chai Sutta Bar also offers delivery and takeaway options. Customers can order their favorite snacks and beverages online and have them delivered to their doorstep. 

The brand also has collaborated with delivery apps that makes it easy to place orders and track deliveries. This has helped Chai Sutta Bar expand its customer base beyond its physical outlets.

Sustainable Practices

Chai Sutta Bar is committed to sustainable practices. The brand uses kulhads for serving its beverages, thus minimizing its ecological footprint.

This food and beverage cafe uses reusable bowls and plates to help our environment be free of plastic pollution. This commitment to sustainability has helped Chai Sutta Bar build a positive reputation among customers who are conscious about the environment.

Community Outreach

Chai Sutta Bar is also known for its community outreach initiatives. The brand regularly partners with local NGOs and charities to support causes related to education. 

They also give employment to people from downtrodden families, orphans, and differently abled persons. 

This has helped the brand build a positive image and establish itself as a socially responsible company

Contribution to Potter Community

Chai Sutta Bar is famous for its kulhad chai and uses around 3 lakhs kulhads a day. In this way, they serve the potter community by providing them with regular income. 

Earlier the potter communities were looking forward to Diwali, the major festival of diyas in India, for an annual income. Now, with the support of Chai Sutta Bar, they are getting a secure and regular income.


In conclusion, Chai Sutta Bar is a one-stop destination for food and beverage lovers in India. With its authentic chai experience, variety of snacks, affordable pricing, trendy ambiance, convenient locations, delivery and takeaway options, sustainable practices, and community outreach initiatives, the brand has established itself